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I am G. M. Baker, a former content strategist and soon to be published novelist.

Why subscribe to my newsletter? Well, this newsletter is something of a companion to my blog, Stories All the Way Down, and to my books. Rather than full articles such as you will find on the blog, I intend it to be a kind of monthly digest of thing that interest me and might hopefully interest you. It will cover a number of things:

  • My novels, announcements about release dates, cover reveals, all that sort of stuff.

  • Digests of my blog posts on Stories All the Way Down, which tend to cover thing related to reading, writing, Catholic literature in particular, a bit of history, and the odd travel piece (I’m a bit of a road tripper).

  • Interesting pieces a find here and there with a bit of trenchant commentary, on the off chance I have anything trenchant to say about it. Or just commentary.

What you are very unlikely to find is anything devotional, party political, or particularly personal. That’s just not my thing.

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