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I would respectfully offer that the problem of strife in the world today is not about serpents. It is about the wound that Adam, and Eve suffered in the garden, which was caused by the Ego being unleashed upon them.

The ego is essentially the image we have of ourselves that we try to project—the false image. Adam and Eve suddenly required clothes so that they would not be ashamed in front of God. They separated themselves from God, and from the rest of creation. They hid and tried to project a false image of themselves to protect their egos.

Much like the false projections that we see all around us today in war, injustice, and greed. Unspeakable cruelties stem from a grab for power and a need to protect and gratify the human ego.

It is the root of division. “Us” against “Them.” We set ourselves up as policeman deciding how everyone else should behave.

We admire Jesus, but we do not follow his selfless way of love.

We divide and point fingers instead of loving ourselves and others. It is a great shame.

Sadly, we see this on every level of government, in business, in families, and even in our churches.

I agree with you—storytellers have a responsibility. There is a great responsibility to tell a more loving, uniting, healing story. Jesus said: the kingdom of heaven is now—it is among us. That’s a much more useful story than the faraway, someday, heaven we’re obsessively chasing.

I wish Christians were teaching one another the tools of mastering the ego, and of leaving behind all dividedness, enabling us to share the gift of being fully open to the love of God—today.

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